This is me.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am a twenty something with an old soul and a clinical diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (I’ve got a few allergies too). I love my friends and family deeply in all their imperfections with all their ancient traditions. I’m pretty sure giraffes are my soul animal. I basically live off of apples and coffee (followed closely by dark chocolate). Sit me down to a baby grand piano and you’ll have to physically remove me. I’m an artist on a budget which makes for a great deal of re:purposing (and clearance). I’m cut from the cloth of social work and I simply love it.

One more thing.

I’m a disciple. The Jesus kind.

I’m here to write. Not just in a blog, but in life. It’s a gift I’ve been given and I’ll burn a hole through my good jeans if I sit on it.  This world doesn’t need another voice spouting off shallow, surface level advice for the sake of feeling good. We’ve got plenty of that. Too much actually. So, I won’t be that. Instead I’ll be bold and brave. I’ll write about depression and the hard stuff. I’ll write honestly about my struggles, heartbreak, and victory from a human perspective. I’ll write from experience and only sometimes will I just make it up as I go. I promise I’ll strive to be authentic with you and, together, re:claim what has already been claimed for us.

One more thing.

I’m going to talk about Jesus. A lot. Probably every time or close to it. I just want you to know this. I hope you don’t tune me out like an overplayed song on the radio because of it. Instead, I pray curiosity get’s the best of you. Like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, please don’t just wave at me as I pass by.

I’m only a little bit afraid to be this vulnerable and authentic with you but I think it’s worth it.

This is about you anyways.

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